Arrowrood Starch
Arrowrood Starch
Arrowrood Starch
Arrowrood Starch
Arrowrood Starch
Arrowrood Starch
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      Ingredients: Cassava flour is a starch of tapioca root, extracted in many countries, meticulously harvested, harvested, powdered and dried.

      • Uses:

      1f340Stomach blood pressure, reduce headache, reduce shoulder and neck pain.gas in the 1f340Intestines and stomach pain, colic
      1f340The cassava is a cool food, it is good for summer, it has heat effect, anti-constipation, anti-heat mouth, used for both children and adults.
      1f340Sunburn, fever, headache cooling liver, ulcers, allergies, acne, boils.
      1f340Beauty skin, beautifying effect of regulating the hormone disorder.
      1f340Detoxification, detoxification.
      1f340Stomach pain, acid residue, cassava-rich cassava flour.

      • Note:

      - Just stir (live) with a slice of lemon, with healthy people and hot summer afternoon.
      - It is best to stir with water to ripe on the stove.
      - When eating, the entire pores will hatch out to detoxify, not sit to eat with fans, cool to avoid wind after 1 hour.
      - The dishes like fried vegetables, soups, tea can give a little to increase the taste and positive for the food.

      The product is completely natural, no chemicals.

      Traditional nursing products.

      Order online at: 0919 024 990, TAM THAO staff will advise you about the product in the most clear.

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