Drinking tea is a habit of many Vietnamese, especially herbal tea. Each teas has a different characteristic aroma that gives the drinker a great sensation and taste. Drinking tea will bring many benefits to human health:

– Herbal tea helps to increase metabolism.

– Herbal tea helps to fight off oxidation.

– Herbal remedy against cancer.

– Drinking herbal tea can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

– Herbal tea gives you a beautiful and healthy white skin.

– Herbal tea protects the immune system

From the benefits of drinking herbal tea and advantages of Vietnam is a lot of valuable herbs, Tam Thao company was born in conjunction with the university of natural sciences want to study and Producing high value herbal tea products to care for and protect the health of the community.

Tam Thao Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. was established and granted the Certificate of Business Registration for the first time on June 22, 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City. The organizational model is limited liability company with two or more members operating under the Enterprise Law.

The main field of activity of the company is production and business of herbal tea.

– Tea Leaf: Lower blood fat, lose weight, sedate

– Tea Tia: Beauty, anti-fatigue

– Orange Tea: anti-asthma, hypoglycemia, blood pressure, protection of the liver.